About me

I have been in the world of photography for about 6 years.
Mine was a love at first sight, from that moment I tried to devote all my energies to this form of art.
I am very ambitious and love working to fulfil myself in this industry. I have many ideas, projects, where I want to put my mark and create my own style.
I try every day to focus on my photography in “communicating”, expressing emotions and making them touch people.
I am not interested in the super technical and latest fashion photography, I want to detach myself from all this and give my photographs a “form”, a substance that is perceived looking at my work.

I live in the world of fashion and everything that revolves around it. Beauty, portraits, editorials are my daily bread.
I love to have a relationship with the models I photograph, just so I’m sure that the finished product is of quality and represent me.

I love movies, and when I get the chance, I take the opportunity to participate as a still photographer in short films. My personal works also include the photographic representation of great painters. Projects inspired by Tamara De Lempicka or Jack Vettriano.

I explore mostly the Roman scenery but I also move throughout Italy for my projects.


For informations:

EMAIL fotografia@lucaiafrate.it

PHONE +39 335 7287537